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Take a journey into the deep recesses of the mind and universe with Dawnings: Awakening to the Intersections of Global Philosophies, Networked Technologies, & Consciousness Studies. The author explores modern neuroscience and brain studies, eastern philosophies and contemporary fields such as the philosophy of information and technology.

Table of Contents:



Introduction:  The Rise of Complex Consciousness

Chapter 1: Visions of God in a Quantum Universe

Chapter 2: The Way of Chuang Tzu

Chapter 3: Revolutions of Content

Chapter 4: The Right Click

Chapter 5: Neurobiology as Self-Inquiry

Chapter 6: Neuroscience & Human Culture

Chapter 7: The Universe as Infinite Potential

Appendix I: The Cords of Light in Near-Death Experiences

Appendix II: The Energy Crisis

Appendix III: An Exploration in Love through Nondual Philosophy

Appendix IV: Dissolving the Gaps


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Dawnings ebook

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