The OraQuick In-Home HIV Test offers people clinically proven results in just 20 minutes in the comfort and privacy of their homes. 

It empowers them to take the critical first step in learning their HIV status.  OraQuick was approved by the FDA on July 3, 2012 for use by adults 17 years of age or older.

Rather than standard blood testing, OraQuick uses an oral swab.  Just like blood, oral fluid (mucosal transudate) collected by swabbing the gums, also contains antibodies produced in response to viral infection.  If present, the OraQuick Test detects these HIV antibodies in the oral fluid.

Early detection and intervention provide life-saving benefits

Early detection enables HIV-infected individuals to live longer, healthier lives enabling the start of antiretroviral therapy before symptoms develop.

Knowledge of one’s HIV status enables infected individuals to take the necessary precautions to guard against spreading the disease to their sexual partners.


A positive result with this test does not mean that you are definitely infected with HIV, but rather that additional testing should be done in a medical setting.

A negative result with this test does not mean that you are definitely not infected with HIV, particularly when exposure may have been within the previous 3 months.

If your test is negative and you engage in activities that put you at risk for HIV on a regular basis, you should test regularly.

This product should not be used to make decisions on behavior that may put you at increased risk for HIV.

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HIV Test

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