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The Center for Neurobiological Science (CNS)- Lifetime IQ Testing & Tracking

The Center for Neurobiological Science (CNS), in association with the Brain Research and Information Network (BRAIN) and The Neurological Foundation, is dedicated to conducting research and consultation on brain health and cognitive enhancement from the perspective of contemporary neurobiology.

Areas of Research & Consultation

  • Lifetime IQ Testing and Tracking
  • Brain Aging
  • Brain Health and Nutrition
  • Neuroethics
  • Cognitive Enhancement
  • Creative Genius
  • Neurobiology of Behavior
  • Brain Genetics
  • Career Optimization

  • Cerebral Health's IQ Tests are comprehensive in scope and may be conducted for any age group. A Cerebral Health IQ test will be delivered via postal mail and must be returned in the self-addressed stamped envelope that is included to be fully evaluated by professional staff. Each individual IQ evaluation is $300 and may take up to 3 weeks to complete. Consultation services are billed at $150/hour.

Call 1.561.972.8793 or email to begin individualized and confidential IQ testing, lifetime tracking, and consulting.

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